Joining the Discussion Groups

WASHWeb facilitates discussions through Matrix “rooms”. By means of open participation and free discussion, members can collaborate on one (or multiple) of the working group topics.

Find WASHWeb on Matrix

  1. First, Install and join Matrix.
  2. Next, join the general WASHWeb room by clicking here.
  3. After joining the general WASHWeb room, you can choose to join specific working groups by clicking the links below:
    1. Using Data Better
    2. Social Justice
    3. Systems Thinking
    4. Accountability

Install and join Matrix

  1. Download and install Matrix. The easiest way to access Matrix is through Element.

  2. Open the Element App on your device

  3. Click create an account

  4. Register your account at or use GitHub, Google, GitLab, Facebook or Apple to log in

  5. Verify your account by opening the link sent in the email from In the browser where the link opens, you can automatically log in to an Element session. Make sure to keep the session open.

  6. Go back to the Element (Desktop) App

  7. Sign in to your new account

  8. Click on verify with another device

  9. Go back to the browser with the open element session from step 5. Verify the session on your app.

  10. Go back to your Element (Desktop) App

  11. Open Security & Privacy settings by clicking on your logo in the top left

  12. Click on Set up a Secure Backup

  13. Generate a Security Key and store it somewhere safe, like a password manager. This will allow you to verify future sessions by using Security Keys

  14. You’re in - now you can start exploring!

Element User Guide

Here’s another great guide to get you started.